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My book is published and is available on Amazon or you can order directly from me

I have written and am publishing  a graphic novel

"Megsie's art work is stunning and unique, it has a raw vibrancy and naivety

that is totally captivating" - Dr Sally Adnam Jones.
Arts Educator and Masters in Yoga

An illustrated book of wisdom embracing classic art, philosophy and contemporary spirituality.

Using classic artist's works - from Van Gogh and Picasso to Frida Kahlo, along with her own sketchings - Megsie creates a pastiche of wisdom that grapples with the suffering and joys of authenticity and awakening to one's true self in contemporary life.

Giving life to the surrendering and truth, irrevocable on the path,'The Art of Modern Spirituality', is a candid yet compassionate and often intelligently comical illustration of the dark and light polarities of the modern spiritual path.