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I am Megan Jackson a committed humanitarian, tarot healer, mentor and authentic soul at West End Therapies Brisbane.

I offer tarot readings that give wisdom, insight and guidance prophecies to create awareness and empowerment. Please click here if you wish to order a tarot reading .

I believe that love is the vital force of life and therefore I specialise in Love tarot. I use the tarot as a form of meaning and illustration to elaborate on my intuitive gift to provide guidance, honesty and often prophetic insight.

My Counseling tarot readings are accurate and offer an honest insight, that gives deeper meaning and understanding into situations on love, family, career, money and life purpose. They provide direction and clarity around challenges and often bare spiritual observation/advise and down to earth guidance. My readings have helped many surpass obtacles and have given positive and healing directive in moving past major life issues.

My readings, range from comprehensive to a simple one question reading, I offer distant energy healing and healing portraits and have set up this blog to provide advice, information and article on tarot and healing. 

I feel honoured to have developed spiritual and healing knowledge and I want to share it as much as possible. To find out more about me please click here.

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Love tarot readings - The most popular tarot reading request I get is for LOVE.

Will she/he come back to me?, Can I find love?, Do they love me?, Am I with Ms right?… and so the list goes on.

Love is the most vital and fundamental part of life. We all want it, need it, even those of us that say we don’t. We all need it to improve our greater well being. Intimate love provides us with a delightful opportunity to grow and communicate and get in touch with our selves and others.

Physical touch is an essential human need/desire. Being caressed releases opiates and oxytocin in the brain, both creating a sense of bliss and necessary for positive bonding. Who doesn’t like bliss? It also lowers the blood pressure. Starting to sound good?

So it’s not surprising that most tarot requests are for love readings.


I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only love – Mother Teresa

However, a love tarot reading cannot create change on its own, it cannot bring in your soulmate, it cannot make another person change.    
Change must always come from you.

What the love tarot can do however, is give you insight into your current emotions, your partners emotions (if you have one) and make aware certain aspects of the self around love.

It can provide you with advice on what you are doing wrong and right. It can draw on habits from the past. It can suggest ways that are beneficial to you.

It can see if the energies you are creating are suitable and which direction to go in. It can tell you how the energies and thoughts of another are effecting you.

It can heal and it can even advice if a positive, fulfilling relationship is surrounding you.

Best Love card tarot spread

My favorite love tarot spread is a five card reading: past present, future, other person and obstacles/positives, because it is concise and covers all issues.

The reading looks at the influences of the past the current situation and how it may effect the future. The future possibilities and advice on how to achieve them.

The other person’s traits and feelings and the positive or negative influences. It can elaborate on the people or person currently in your life, a person from your past or someone in your future, or the possibilities surrounding the three.

Love tarot comes with a healing energy and an affirmation directed by the spirit energies are conjoured in the reading.

It’s a really gentle way of integrating all your feelings as well as getting sound advice.

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How is it tarot done?

Drawing in the white light through a meditative state, I create a reading circle using the compass directions as a base. I call upon my higher conscience and ask for guidance through incantation and propose your name and query.

Shuffling the cards on your behalf, I  deal the cards in a Celtic Cross (10 card reading) for a general comprehensive reading,  three cards for the one question query and five for a love tarot reading. I  spend some time recording the literal meaning of the card and create a sequence between the meanings and the positions of the cards.I then tap further into my higher conscience (remaining aware), I receive visions and information that I record and formulate into a concise and/or comprehensive reading and email it to you.

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