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Brisbane holistic counseling therapies.
Mindfulness therapy
Mentoring, spiritual counsellor, tarot and meditation
West End Brisbane.
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Please note all profits gained through West end Therapies go towards working projects, such as 'meditation for primary schools program" , that aim to enrich and heal our society.

I am connected with Goddess energies in all my work - in particular  Goddesses Laksmi, Saraswati and Kali

As a natural healer, the process of drawing someone and creating an image brings the artist into a meditative state that draws them into a deeper connection of the subject being drawn. The artist can then create healing thoughout the connection. These drawing and paintings are guided by the universal connectedness that we all share. The artist is able to go into the character on a deeper level and send positive healing vibes. The beauty of the person comes through and this is a special element of the healing portraits.

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You can purchase one of my original mandalas for healing purposes. I design each one individually based on the persons energy and needs.
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Holistic Counselling

With holistic life counselling, your life can change dramatically and you will see shifts coming fast, synchronicities paving the way for more fulfillment and positive energy flowing freely. This is achieved through healing and support. I aim to provide a counselling service that helps with cognitive development alongside spiritual development. By spiritual I mean letting go of the ego through integrating methods of self awareness and transcendental growth.    Click here to find out more

New  Mindfulness healing 6 week online course
I have designed an online healing course for those who want to undergo some self healing and self realisation in their own time.
This course uses meditation, art therapy, self analysis through journalling and self enquiry,,  and informative podcasts to help us self heal. It is designed to create subtle though major shifts in energy, mind body and soul.  Please click this link to find out more information

Tarot card Readings

My readings are insightful, accurate and concise. Tarot's are used as a guide to help understand current situations and life energies in relation to how they may create future outcomes, they can also sometimes predict future events. I offer quick concise one question reading, love readings and a comprehensive Celtic Cross Reading.  Click here for more info

Ritual and Mandala

Healing Portraits