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Holistic counselling and support for women Brisbane
 Want real change, understanding, acceptance, positive outcomes, growth, support and harmony in life? 

In a warm and compassionate environment, West End Therapies offers support for those who need to make fundamental changes in thier mind, body and spirit.

It is usually the begining of an incredible journey of self discovery and opening of self to greater love for self and others, which in effect brings deeper happiness.

Healing support for awakening, life choices, sadness, anxiety and goal setting.

My counselling and healing is transcendental, life changing and a little magical. I can't wait to begin the work with you. 

Testimonial : "OMG I haven't felt this good since I was about nine years old. Thank you so much Megan"

I now have private face to face initial consultation (2hr @$120.00, $70.00 thereafter) sessions in my healing space. Book NOW . Can do Sunday morning in urgent cases.

Affordable face to face spiritual counselling sessions 1 hr @$70.00, $50.00 concessions.
Or email/phone counselling at $45.00 per week
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Spiritual Coaching

Ready for a change in life? Need Support?
With spirtual life counselling, your life can change dramatically and you will see shifts coming fast, synchronicties paving the way for more fullfillment and positive energy flowing freely. This is acheived through healing and support. I aim to provide a counselling service that helps with cognitive development alongside spiritual development. By spiritual I mean letting go of the ego through integrating methods of self awareness and transendental growth. 

My Counselling Services Include:
Initial counselling consultation (only $120.00 2 hrs:) 

Discuss issues. Energy healing. Meditation. Create a program. Tarot card to work with. Ongoing weekly face to face or telephone support - includes coaching plan as discussed below.
I have established low cost holistic counselling sessions @ only $70.00 per hr and have a concession rate of $50.00 for people with a health care card. Please contact me to discuss. 

Spiritual Coaching

coaching packages

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Acknowledgement and clarification of your enquiry

  • A fresh set of eyes, and a new perspective of your situation

  • Awareness of the options available to you, and a wide range of paths that you could take; avenues for you to explore

  • Thought-provoking questions designed to get you thinking about your issue from new angles

  • Coaching tools, models, and tasks for assist in your learnings

  • Suggestions of further resources applicable to your situation, such as books, websites, etc

  • Someone to hold you accountable in achieving the goals you have set out for yourself

Meditation package - meditation helps to connect with your inner self so that you can create your outer reality consciously. We use state of the art sound technology that helps you reach peak meditation states along with subliminal messages. We have a wide range of meditations for all different types of issues. Our main ones are: relationship/love, self confidence, success, financial success and desire. We tailor yr meditations to your specific needs.

Literature/log book - Literature and journal logging to help with the psychological balance and shifting during change. The continuity helps with focus, acceptance and the knowledge helps to understand the deeper process which in kind aids the transition. Journal logging helps to unold deeper emotions and is a good guide to follow progress. 

Energy Healing each month and a one card tarot reading
The initial consultation will begin with an energy healing, which is one of the reasons why we like to continue the coaching for three months. Major changes occur after an energy healing (although often subtle), the coaching makes the journey easier, more focused, more thorough and well supported. Often it is support we need to help us move through change. These will continue half way through each month cycle of coaching and a tarot card will be given at the begining of each month cycle. 

I generally recommend that coaching and counselling only need to continue for three months after initial consultation, unless there are extreme issues. I expect by this time you will be able to manage the resources and the decision making on your own after this period with confidence and determination and self worth. If you still absolutely require more help I can arrange a weekly consultation @ an agreed amount. 

Follow up Monthly Counselling - coaching Plan:
Electronic or phone coaching  - 
twice a week on monthly plan @$45.00 per week

Aims of holistic Counselling therapy
  • Sustainable self awareness and self acceptance.
  • Emotional well being
  • Better health and vitality.
  • Approaching life with peace and centredness

  • A deepened sense of spirituality.
  • Ability to cope with traumas such as death, loss and abuse.
  • A prolonged feeling of optimism and self esteem.
  • Enjoying self and others openly
  • Setting goals and experiencing greater happiness

What is Holistic healing and counselling 
Holistic is coined from the Greek work 'holos', meaning 'whole' or 'complete. Rather than treating the symptom holistic healing looks to uncover and treat underlying causes. It looks at the interconnectedness of the entire self (not just the mind), the body, mind, spirit and emotional self. 

Holistic counselling goes beyound the theory of mind psychology and accepts other therapuetic modalities. Although it uses the traditional psychotherapy, it also engages mindfulness, meditation, art, music, self therapy, self awareness and metaphysical energy work in the healing processIt works to build one's consciousness and therefore to make significant changes in one's inner and external lives.  

An array of tehniques and learning skills are employed, but the focus is to allow the client to be supported in managing self healing and self discovery (awareness), beyond the cognitive. Through this journey the practioner enters a partnership with the person in aiding them in meeting and using thier own inner wisdom rather than being a facilliator of knowledge or acting as the healer.

What should I include in my counselling email enquiry?
  • Clearly state the outcome that you want to achieve
  • It is advised that you stick to one topic per enquiry.  This way, we can hone in on your issue and explore it in depth.
  • How specifically is the problem impacting you right now?
  • What is the underlying emotion you are experiencing as a result of this issue?
  • What you have attempted so far to reach your goal?
  • What is going well and is working for you?
  • What obstacles are in your way?

Counselling and Spirituality Brisbane issues

West End Brisbane's population and demographics are rapidly expanding and changing. And with an emerging population comes  an increase in mental health issues. Over the last five years there has been an exponential increase in doctors in West End and with this trend, to accomodate the new population and alarming amount of stressanxiety and depression faced by patients,  most surgeries now have an onsite mental health consultant. 
In many cases the doctors prescribe an antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug and send them next door to get back up counselling with the Government intiated rebate plan. A convenient quick fix solution.

There are two problems with this. Firstly one practicioner is insuffucient for the demand. The waiting lists are overflowing and the people are sent home with their medication and a list of websites to search while they wait three months to talk to someone. 

Secondly, the system doesn't address the deeper issues (that's for another article). It works under a bureaucratic model that is a bandaid cover for real healing; holistic healing is a necessity for broken minds, hearts, bodies and spirit. Real support is needed for gaining conrtol of one's life when issues like depression and anxiety are faced.

Spiritual Coaching

coaching packages

What is healing actually? 
Healing is the process of energy alignment creating a change in the spiritual, physical or mental systems to produce a more balanced and reality based shift in a person.

It is a holistic process as each part of the self effects the other – ie. there is a psychological effect on the healing of a physical ailment and vice verser. Tarot card readings in particular address the psychological aspect however can aslo ignite the energetic changes.

To quote Plato: “The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul. Let no one persuade you to cure the head until he has first given you his soul to be cured, for this is the great error of our day, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.” 

To dig a little deeper, if we look (as the ancients did) as the body being an instrument of the soul we begin to start the first stages of healing – reconnecting with our soul. As our Western Society has disassosiated itself with soul, the reconnection can be difficult in and of itself. The process will endure moments of low vibrations of greif and sadness in letting go of ego accompanied by moments of joy and bliss – also whilst letting go of ego. The healing process aims to bring balance to the two extremes.

As the soul re-orders itself as true self, through energetic alignment, the body can relax and take its true posiition as an important vehicle for the soul. This results in mental restructuring – letting go of old thought patterns about self, being more authentic to self and being conscious of health and wellbeing – all will be challenging factors in the healing process.

Healing is a spiritual event that is a different process for each individual depending on the levels of imbalance in energy, spirituallity, physicality and mentality. As each individual connects to thier energetic self – thier true self - there is a shedding process. Healing has no time limit and is often said to be an ongoing process.  However, practioners can create subtle energetic changes on a deep level that do not cause too much discomfort. But, the mental and physical restructuring that must occur simultaneouslyand at different times (time not being linear) may cause some suffering.

The energy alignment however continues to work on the physical and mental aspects of the self and a new balance arises as the changes occur. Ongoing wellbeing on all levels must continue however. This is much easier and more rewarding as our biochemicals restructure and our mind and soul reconnects.

The most excellent healing practices are: meditation, yoga poses, stillness, energy work, healthy diet – natural foods, ritual, spending time in nature, practicing compassion, music/sound, service to others, self analysis and self loving. O’ and of course tarot card reading can be healing also. 

Spiritual counselling changes your psychologies, helps you to discover calmness, peace and abundant thinking, which in turn creates your reality.
Our life coaching sessions help you become at peace, manage and balance your thought patterns, connect with your true values and dreams and work towards your goals with results that will amaze you. You will be left thinking 'how did I possibly live before".

Counsellings help people in all areas of life, where there is a desire/need to unleash potential and achieve new goals and dreams. They could range from personal, business to improving a relationship or finacial situation. With an experienced mentor and spiritual councillor motivation, healing and focus are shifted and real results are seen. Spirtual councilling works with the soul and the mind to find the right balance.

Unlike normal counselling at West End therapies Brisbane we use tools like tarot and energy healing and intuitive recognition to shift old thought patterns and beleifs as well as real time coaching to get you to the next level. My services have helped many to realise thier dreams and to create them into a reality. And it's done from the comfort of your own home. 

The spiritual journey can be blissful and awakening, but also it can be arduous, frightening and lonely. Anyone can have a spiritual experience, or peak experience, but holistic self-realisation is a different matter. Spiritual development best occurs at the point when the Ego identity is strong enough to take a little disorientation. One’s understanding and meaning of one’s lives depend on the presence of Ego. If the Ego is not strong and does not hold the person in a healthy reality; the spiritual opening then results in fragmentation and crises. This altered State of Consciousness can be catastrophic to the Ego if the individual contacts the lower level of consciousness rather than the higher level of consciousness. A healthy Ego arises from the healing and integration of past traumas and of Self-Realisation/ Self-Awareness. 

We have put together an affordable package to assist you in your journey and to help you through the transitions. We feel that three months is enough time to start you on your journey. 


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